PeopleGIS Online Platform

In 2012, after evaluating several options, the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition selected PeopleGIS as the platform for its integrated mapping and inspection task.

PeopleGIS is a web-based platform that features secure access and automatic data backup, but allows each Town to see the location of stormwater infrastructure in adjacent communities.

map of PeopleGIS Online Platform

In 2012, we focused on loading point infrastructure (e.g., stormwater outfalls, catch basins, drain manholes, and engineered Best Management Practices like vortex separators) into the system. In 2013, we expanded the infrastructure to include linear infrastructure such as pipe and culverts.

How to Access your Town's PeopleGIS Platform

Each Town has dashboard for mapping and a dashboard for inspection forms. These are accessed via a secure web browser with password protection.

The format of the links to these dashboards is as follows:

Start by typing

.... and add

  • map_TOWNNAME.html to access your mapping dashboard
  • links_TOWNNAME.html to access your inspection form dashboard

...where you replace TOWNNAME with your town's name. The URL is not case-sensitive.

If you forget your password, or want to change it, please contact Brad Stone (Email or (508) 841-8502).

"Cheat Sheet" for Using the CMRSWC's PeopleGIS Platform

Click below for a quick refresher of how to move around in PeopleGIS, including:

  • How to map new infrastructure
  • How to add a new inspection for existing infrastructure
  • How to run a query of your data

...and more.

Editing Existing Assets and Mapping New Assets

PeopleGIS prepared the attached instruction form to show users how to use the Editing Tools to edit existing infrastructure in their system, or map new assets.

Training Presentation

The training session included in the file below was done by Jim Esterbrook of PeopleGIS.  He reviews how a Town logs into its specific page(s) on PeopleGIS and can map new structures or perform inspections.  

His overview is done with a laptop, but he provides information on how a Town would perform the same task with its Tablet device.

Download the following *.zip file to get all the files you need for the video and its associated audio. (Be patient- it's a large file and takes a while!)

PeopleGIS Overview*