Funding for the Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition was provided by a Community Innovation Challenge Grant awarded by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Administration and Finance. The joint effort of this project is designed to achieve service efficiencies and realize cost savings through collaboration of education and training, sharing a common database management system, and the standardization of policies and procedures.

The objectives set forth by the USEPA in its Small MS4 Permit for Massachusetts present several obstacles for affected communities. Compliance with many of the requirements require communities to add staff and make capital purchases, which is often not feasible in the current economic climate.

Rather than the 31 communities undertake the task of stormwater management individually, the joint effort has created universal standards for use by all of the Coalition members. Significant cost savings have been realized as well, since each community does not have to “reinvent the wheel” in reaching regulatory compliance.

The regional initiative benefits each community by providing a framework and tools for a successful and sustainable stormwater management program.