What We Are Currently Doing

Working closely with our engineering consultants, Tata & Howard, Inc., Verdant Water, and other project partners, the Coalition will continue working on tasks in year two to address stormwater management in an innovative manner through collaboration. A brief description of the year two tasks for all 30 communities is included below. We will post documents and resources on this website as they are finalized.

With the addition of 17 expansion communities much of this year's effort includes getting these expansion communities up to speed with the original Coalition communities. Workshops and training for the expansion communities will be conducted on tasks created in year one of the project including the following stormwater pollution prevention plan template, standard operating procedures, training and outreach materials, sump pump discharge policy, salt/sand application calibration, BMP toolbox, cost/benefit analysis of regional laboratory, drainage extension, and performing inspections using the tablets. The expansion communities will also have their GIS mapping incorporated into the project's GIS database.

Steering Committee Meetings

  • Steering Committee meetings are held monthly; the ideas and concepts generated from these meetings helps drive the Coalition forward.
  • Relevant industry guests are invited to share perspectives and knowledge on local stormwater issues.  

Complete Field Work Using Year 1 Stormwater Field Services Request For Proposals (RFP)

  • The Coalition will publicly advertise the RFP developed during Year 1 of the project.  A consultant specializing in field services will be chosen and contracted to assist Coalition communities in identified tasks relating to MS4 compliance.

Training on Water Quality Sampling Kits

  • The Coalition communities will receive training on the field water quality sampling kits that were purchased during Year 1 of this project. Training sessions will be taped, for viewing in the future.
  • Additional test strips will be purchased for efficient stormwater testing.

Industrial Stormwater (MSGP) Review

  • Coalition communities will receive a list of non-compliant industrial facilities based on the USEPA's NOI Search under the Multi Sector General Permit (MSGP).