Mapping Equipment

Mapping Equipment

Leica #1

In November 2012, the CMRSWC purchased its first Leica CS25 device for just over $15,000. This model (CS25 ZC2), which we call Leica #1, uses a AS10 SmartAntenna. This SmartAntenna must be attached to a pole that is included with the unit, and carried separately. The SmartAntenna allows the user to collect data points with sub-centimeter accuracy, so it is more accurate that Leica #2. The Leica defaults to the AS10 SmartAntenna, but the settings should be checked each time to ensure the correct antenna is chosen.

  • Within the Settings choose Antenna → External Antenna → AS10.  

Leica #2

In January 2013, the CMRSWC purchased the second Leica CS25 device. This device, which we call Leica #2, cost $13,500, due to improvements in technology. This model (CS25 GNSS) uses a HELIX antenna, which is smaller than Leica #1's AS10 SmartAntenna. The HELIX antenna allows the user to collect data points with sub-decimeter accuracy (it is less accurate than Leica #1). It can be attached directly to the tablet portion of the Leica, but if the user prefers it, can still be attached to the inlcuded pole like Leica #1's antenna. Since it can be used without the pole, the HELIX antenna may be useful in heavily wooded areas where it is impractical to carry a lot of gear. If you choose to use the Helix antenna, you will need change the GNSS Settings.  

  • Within the Settings choose Antenna → External Antenna → Helix.  

Reserve a Leica Device

Both Leica units are managed by Steven Tyler, Superintendent of the Town of Spencer's Utilities & Facilities Management Department. He will let you know what days or weeks each device is available, and reserve one for your community, and will also ask you for the names of all people who will be using the device. This equipment can be picked up in Spencer after coordinating with Steve.

When you arrive in Spencer to pick up the equipment, Steve will review use of the Leica, and perform an inventory of the unit. He will also confirm that the unit has a full charge.  

Because of the value of the devices, all users are required to sign a statement confirming that they will follow all procedures and requirements and will be fully responsible for any damages to and/or losses of equipment, accessories, component or appurtenances. You can read the statement in the "SOP and Inventory" files below in the Resources section.

The person picking up the device (if not the ultimate user of the equipment) is expected to provide original statements signed by each user, or the equipment may not be issued, at Steve's discretion.

Contact Information

Steven Tyler, P.E.
Phone: (508) 885-7525
3 Old Meadow Rd.
Spencer, MA 01562